Sisters Leila and Omnia Hegazy form the duo HEGAZY. Their music reflect their intersectional identities, and do not shy away from the urgency of the moment.

Omnia Hegazy, on left, together with sister Leila perform as duo HEGAZY (Plea for the Fifth)

The St. George-based duo HEGAZY are Egyptian-Italian twin sisters Leila and Omnia Hegazy. The Staten Islanders performed a three-song set as part of Plea for the Fifth’s Online Concert series. Each act in Plea for the Fifth’s Online Concert series was selected and interviewed by a different Plea for the Fifth member with the goal of showcasing a diverse range of artists. Check out previous performances from the series by Queen BlizzyJustyMayer, and Lil Z.

Omnia Hegazy spoke to Plea for the Fifth about their influences, and what's next on their horizon.

What inspires the music HEGAZY creates?

Omnia: We write songs about anything we are feeling, and songwriting is our mechanism of processing our emotions and the world around us. As Arab and Muslim women living in the States, the personal is political for us, so in this moment we are very moved to write music for Palestine and reflect the times. We have written about everything from our cats to feminism, US imperialism to interpersonal relationships - nothing is off limits!

What are you both working on next?

Omnia: We are in the process of recording our next batch of singles to be released later in the year! Leila is also recording a protest album for Palestine to raise funds for [Palestine Children's Relief Fund] PCRF, which I will collaborate on and lend instrumentation to.

What is your closing message to readers?

Omnia: We express our solidarity with all oppressed people from the Congo, to Sudan, to Palestine, and we encourage everyone to show up to the movement however they are able! Together we can win.

Leila in a recent appearance of Rania Khalek Dispatches on BT News, emphasized "If [performers] have a platform, they have a privilege" and that when they fail to leverage their platform to speak on Israel's genocide upon Palestinians, the status quo harm continues.

This is the fifth and final installment of a five-part online concert series. This project was made possible (in part) by a DCA Premier Grant from Staten Island Arts, with public funding from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.