Happy Black History / Future Month!

This February, our articles center Black history, present, and futures along with our broader Staten Island news. Check out our articles below.

Recent City Budget Cuts Threaten Staten Island's Youngest Workers
Written by Valeriana Dema

Cuts to the Learning to Work and Summer Youth Employment Program could impact future job development for the next generation of students.

An Unseen Photo Album Preserves Life of Audre Lorde
Written by the Plea For The Fifth Editorial Team

Victoria Munro, director of The Alice Austen House, shares an excerpt from the exhibition focused on the legacy of author and activist, Audre Lorde.

Local Power Broker for Borough President traveled to D.C. on Day of Capitol Insurrection
Written by Jacqueline Caruso and Sean Ghazala

Leticia Remauro, a GOP candidate for Staten Island Borough President with a history of racist remarks, was among a busload of Islanders who traveled to Washington D.C. on January

Follow the Money (D-49): Entry 1
Written by Chad Small

The North Shore (City Council District 49) leads off our series on campaign financing for Staten Island’s City Council races.

Commentary: Trump is Gone, Fascist Trends are Not
Written by Sean Ghazala

'Trumpism' is only the most recent name for far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist movements that first came to prominence a century ago, during economic hardships triggered by the Great Depression. Countering fascism, however, remains just as important now that Trump has left office.

Say Hello To Kasson, One Of The PFT5 Team Members

Kasson Colon-Mangin, born in Staten Island is an American film producer. He is an alumni of Curtis high school, BMCC and City College of New York. He has served as a media specialist for the National Park Service. He has also worked as a communications director for political campaigns throughout New York City. He is currently on the communications team of Plea for the Fifth.

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