April In Review

April In Review

In anticipation of the June 22 primary, last month was very politics-focused for PFT5: A District-49 City Council Candidates Forum, the battle to save the Graniteville Wetlands, and more.

Below are our April publications

A Last Stand for The Wetlands

Written by Jacqueline Caruso

PC Paul Moakley for Plea For The Fifth

On March 24, 2021, a march to bring awareness to the effort to save the Graniteville Wetlands was hosted on the North Shore. Plans to build Wholesale Club store, gas station, and an 838-car parking lot at the site have faced strong opposition in recent years.

A Year Later: How COVID-19 Has Changed Life at CSI

Written by Chad Small

PC Maria Rosas for Plea For The Fifth

Pandemic-led changes to higher education coupled with years of budget cuts and a tuition hikes across the CUNY system are poised to exacerbate longstanding problems for current and prospective students of the College of Staten Island.

City Council D-49 Candidates Forum

Written by Sean Ghazala

Illustration by Xio

PFT5 brought District 49 City Council candidates and voters together for policy discussion on the environment, the economy, policing, cannabis and more.

Watch the forum now on our YouTube channel


Follow the Money (D-51): Entry 1

Written by Nicolette Suberska

Illustration by Xio

Entry 1 of our Follow the Money series for District 51 revealed how Republican incumbent Joe Borelli has outraised Democratic newcomer, Olivia Drabczyk by almost $10,000. But Drabczyk has received approximately 70% more donations than Borelli.

A Coalition of Muslim Staten Islanders Meet with Eric Adams and Other Mayoral Candidates

Written by Valeriana Dema

Brooklyn Borough President and retired NYPD captain, Eric Adams becomes the first of 2021 mayoral hopefuls to speak with the Staten Island's Muslim community during a virtual meeting in March 2021.


Follow the Money (D-49): Entry 1

Follow the Money (D-49): Entry 2

Both written by Chad Small

Say Hello To Xio

My name is Jovanny Guerrero, but I like to use xio because I want to separate my identity with the origin of my name. I was born in Port Richmond, went to Mexico and came back when I was 5, ever since I have been raised in Port Richmond and West Brighton.

Through education of my own and several people I picked up Marxist ideology. I come from a working class family, and community. I'm currently organizing locally with Shaolin Rising.

I studied architecture in NYCCT. I am currently unemployed and free lancing through art gigs. Most of the art I do for now is graphics. I am getting more into selling paintings and flower pots. I love soccer, although I no longer play it, I now just watch my favorite team or keep up with score boards.

I appreciate Plea for giving me the space and platform to show some illustrations.

Write With Us!

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